• Shelby story


A German Shepherd rescued his family

Iowa, USA - It is December 1999, and the Walderbach family is quietly delighting in the Christmas atmosphere in the warmth of their home. Janet Walderbach finishes baking her Christmas cookies and then tucks in the two small children of her neighbours, who are their guests, to be awakened a few hours later by the children's crying.    The kids say they have a headache and nausea and even the Walderbachs realize that they do not feel at ease. Janet, however, puts the children to bed again and suddenly realizes that she herself has fallen asleep, when she is interrupted by the barking of their seven-year old female German shepherd. Fearing that the dog will interrupt the children's sleep again, and presuming that she only needs to go for a walk, her husband John sends her out to the garden. However, instead of running through the garden she seems a lot more hyped up, and the barking does not stop at all. Instead it becomes accompanied by a frustrated scratching at the door, and Shelby only calms down at the moment when the family is forced to come out of the house. Everyone instantly feels a strange relief and they head out the hospital to make sure, where they are all found to have serious carbon monoxide poisoning. The concentration of leaked carbon monoxide in the house was 280 ppm, which is a dose that is fatal upon prolonged exposure. It is clear to everyone that they owe their  safety to the instincts their best canine friend. The dog named Shelby is immediately proclaimed a hero, and she wins the Skippy award in 2000. Shelby is considered one of the symbols of our canine pets to this day.




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