ALAVIS™ Relax for dogs and cats

Formula desinged for dogs and cats to promote calm in stressful situations. ALAVIS™ Relax can be taken long-term, ideally 2-3 days before anticipated stressful situation.

Package size: 20 capsules

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Natural soothing formula to promote calm and well-being in dogs during stress and stressful situations

ALAVIS™ Relax is a natural veterinary formula designed for long-term usage to promote calm and well-being in dogs and cats.

ALAVIS™ Relax is not a sedative and has no side effects on the behaviour or health of your animal.

Stress in dogs can cause mental imbalance and behavioural problems such as:

  • excessive barking caused by loneliness
  • self-harming – coat pulling and paw chewing
  • anxiety, fear
  • agression caused by fear
  • marking, urinating
  • destruction of things around them

Package size: 20 capsules

Manufacturer: Patron ca, s.r.o., Korunní 129, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech republic

This veterinary preparation is approved by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals under ref. no. 032–12/C and can be sold over the counter.