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  • About us

    Quality is the most important for us

Quality is the most important for us

ALAVIS™ veterinary products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical quality under strict control

during the entire production process from raw materials of the highest quality.

ALAVIS™ means a proven quality for your pet.

A proprietor of the ALAVIS™ trade mark is a Canadian company LightHouse International Inc.,

a division of pharmaceutical company Pharma United Inc.

PNI - Canada

Subsidary of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.

Pharma United Inc.

Logo Barnys

LightHouse International Inc.

Nova Coast Inc.

Huron on Line Inc.

Partners Canada Inc.

ALAVIS™ veterinary products


ALAVIS™ veterinary products are designed to support animal health and only their highest quality is guaranteed.

ALAVIS™ veterinary products are being sold in the Czech Republic since 2003. They meet the most demanding criteria and everything is focused on achieving the highest quality and efficiency during their production.

ALAVIS™ veterinary products – it means:

  • Proven quality
  • A high content of active substances
  • Proven composition for maximum effect
  • Unique patented materials

What are veterinary products?

Veterinary products are substances or combination of substances presented as having therapeutic or preventive properties in the case of animal illness.

According to Act no. 378/2007 on pharmaceuticals and Act no. 166/1999 Coll. on veterinary care following products are considered the veterinary products: proprietary products that are intended for animals, especially dietary, vitamin, mineral and cosmetic products that contain the substances or combination of substances which may be used for animals, either for the purpose of recovery, correcting or modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action, or to making a medical diagnosis.

For the production of veterinary medicines can only be used such substances that do not adversely affect the quality and safety of veterinary medicine and that ensure that veterinary medicine has the effect referred to on its packaging or in the package insert.

All veterinary products that are sold in the Czech Republic must be approved and registered by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines based in Brno, which ensures that only veterinary medicines, whose features meet current scientific requirements for quality, safety and efficacy are registered in the Czech Republic and which ensures surveillance of veterinary medicines market.