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  • Quality

    Veterinary products ALAVIS ™ are designed to promote animal health and they are guaranteed only the highest quality.

ALAVIS veterinary products - for a healthy and happy pet



We know one quality standard, the highest one


We want to be the best

The name Alavis has become a sign of quality veterinary products through many years. But Alavis contains much more than just high quality materials and professional pharmaceutical production, it is first and foremost scientific research that helps us to be among the best producer within the area.

We are still trying to innovate

Results of our work are for example entirely new natural pharmacological agents such as Celadrin or patented anti-cancer substance in Sanicell. Currently, our research focuses on the active new generation substances, for which the latest technologies are applied (micronized forms of the active substances and nanotechnology). This will result in veterinary products and medicines of the completely new generation that will move our already high standards even higher.


Everything we are doing just for you

All these activities have only one goal - a satisfied customer. We are proud of the fact that Alavis belongs among the most popular veterinary products and that you repeatedly return to us.

Thank you for your trust, ALAVIS Team.