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ALAVIS™ Celadrin 500 mg

Works against inflammation and pain, Celadrin’s patented protective agents ensure the effective lubrication of articular cartilage and inhibit joint pain and take effect fast.

Package size: 60 capsules

Against inflammations and pain for dogs and cats

ALAVIS™ Celadrin is a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acid carbons containing particularly myristic acid, myristooleic and palmitic acid. These inhibit the enzyme 5 – lipooxygenasis supporting oxidative and inflammatory processes.

ALAVIS™ Celadrin 500 mg ensures continuous lubrication and protection of articular cartilages and helps increasing protection against proinflammatory enzymes. It helps soothing the pain of joints quite significantly. It supports more efficient transport and glucosamine incorporation into articular cartilage cells – chondrocytes which accelerates the process of regeneration and recovery of this tissue. Both components of ALAVIS™ Celadrin 500 mg metabolize in liver protecting its tissue and enter the target cells in the form of lipoproteins.

Advantages of ALAVIS™ Celadrin 500 mg:

  • Natural ingredient with clinically proved effect reducing joint ache and improving their mobility
  • Highly safe
  • Easy absorption
  • Fast effect
  • Adequate alternative for painkillers and antiphlogistic (nonsteroidal antirheumatic)

Package size: 60 capsules

Manufacturer: Patron ca, s.r.o., Thámova 402/4, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech republic.

This veterinary preparation is approved by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals under ref. no. 029–12/C.