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ALAVIS™ Sanicell 60 cps

This supplement regenerates the liver, promotes immunity and boosts the efficiency of tumour treatments. Also suitable as a supplement to treatment of kidney stones.

Package size: 60 capsules

For liver recovery, immune support and support of cancer treatment

Sanicell™ is a patented mixture of Inositol, IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and Ca2+-Mg2+, which complement each other in its positive effect; the mixture is enriched with vitamin C and selenium. The main significance of these substances consists in strengthening of the body’s immunity, increased protection against cancer and significant antioxidant and detoxifying capacity.

Sanicell™ significantly participates in the apoptosis process (controlled cell death) in a cancer cell. A cancer cell is special by the fact that it does not receive the apoptosis signal and Sanicell™ belongs to substances capable of “imposing” this apoptotic signal to the cancer cell. Although such a cell does not hereby become a regular cell, it continues to be undesirable, but it is possible to force it to extinction (apoptosis). The so-called NK cells (natural killers) serve for further destruction of cancer cells; the NK cells are white blood cells capable of killing such an undesirable, but mortal cell. The activity of such “natural killers” is also increased when administering Sanicell™.

Sanicell™ is also a strong antioxidant that prevents the multiplication of free radicals. In addition, it is also a provably effective means suppressing the process of inflammation development.

The specific effects of Sanicell™ include its capability of unbinding excess minerals from the organism environment. It hereby helps prevent from formation of bladder stones and may also significantly influence the iron and copper metabolism (these two elements are not always only positive and desirable as they support formation of free radicals). In order for this ability not to cause the loss of the necessary calcium and magnesium ions, these ions are part of it.

Effects of Sanicell™ veterinary preparation:

  • helps slow down the speed of excessive and uncontrolled cell division
  • supports proper cell physiology
  • supports the activity of the so-called natural killers (NK cells)
  • helps suppress inflammation
  • is a strong antioxidant
  • enhances apoptosis (natural programmed extinction) of cancer cells
  • supports inhibition of metastases
  • supports activities of liver and nerve cells

Package size: 60 capsules

Manufacturer: Patron ca, s.r.o., Thámova 402/4, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech republic.

Veterinary preparation is approved by the Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biologicals under ref. no. 030–12/C.